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Waterproof Camera Basics

Making sure that you have a waterproof camera is a great idea both to make your photography capabilities more varied and flexible, especially when traveling, and also for specialist use, such as underwater or fishing photography.

There are two main waterproof camera alternatives. For the vast majority of people, a compact camera that is inherently waterproof will do. For advanced hobbyists and professionals, a digital SLR camera with underwater housing will be necessary.

A compact waterproof camera will be more than enough for most users, Very similar to normal digital cameras, all the gaskets of these gadgets are specially built, so you can use the same camera every day and also when you go swimming, diving or boating.

As for SLR, there are no waterproof cameras bang keo chong tham available with interchanging lenses, but this problem can be circumvented by buying a dedicated underwater housing. This will also allow you to use any existing equipment without having to get a completely new camera.

You need to be aware of the important differences between taking pictures on land and in or under water with a waterproof camera. The differences are mainly due to the different medium water or air. Water is far denser than air and light travels differently through it. It is also full of small particles such as plankton or sand, which reflect light. When underwater, it is better tot take pictures using the digital LCD and not the viewfinder. This will allow you more control of the results.

You will also use flashlights quite often, whether the inbuilt one on your waterproof camera or an external one. Without a flashlight, underwater pictures will tend to have little color or contrast. If you opt for a more powerful external flashlight, it will need to be built for underwater use or you will need an appropriate underwater housing for it as well.

To take underwater shots with a waterproof camera but without using a flashlight a lot, you will need to shoot when the sun is at its most luminous, around midday, and put the sunlight between you and your target.

On the other hand, the best shots of marine wildlife are often taken at night, when most fish are more active. But for that, you will need to bring powerful lighting equipment with your waterproof camera, such as an underwater speedlight.

Whatever the hour of your picture-taking, it is best to use your waterproof camera in shallow and rocky shores, or near coral reefs. These give best results and will provide you with lots of interesting subjects. Of course, you could also take pictures of your kids near the beach.

You should also acquaint yourself with the basic rules of maintenance for underwater photography equipment, to make sure that you will enjoy your waterproof camera for a long time. Always wash saltwater off with freshwater, for instance as salt reissue can damage waterproof gaskets and o-rings.

Do also avoid chemical cleaners – freshwater applied with a sponge or soft cloth are best and will allow you to take best care of your waterproof camera and equipment.

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