The Numerological Destiny Number Of 5

The Destiny Number in a numerology chart is calculated using a person’s full birth name. This is the full name that appears on their birth certificate- unless they were adopted shortly after birth and their name was changed. In that case, the new name can be used. Write out the full name with space below the letters to write the number that corresponds to each. A, J and S are represented by the number 1. B, K and T are represented by the number 2. C, L and U are the number 3. D, M, and V are the number 4. E, N and W are 5. F, O and X are 6. G, P and Y are 7. H, Q and Z are 8. I and R are 9.

In order to calculate the Destiny Number, add the numbers together for each part of the name, reduce the total if it is not between 1 and 9 (or 11 or 22, the master numbers). Then add the reduced results from each part of the name together and 1993 menh gi reduce again if necessary. For the name Jane Doe Smith, you would start with Jane- which would be 1 + 1 + 5 + 5 or 12, which reduces to 3. Doe would be 4 + 6 + 5 or 15, which reduces to 6. Smith would be 1 + 4 + 9 + 2 + 8 or 24, which reduces to 6. Add them together and 3 + 6 + 6 or 15, which reduces to 6. Jane Doe Smith’s Destiny Number would be 6.

For those who have a Destiny Number of 5, their life will be dedicated to progressive thoughts and actions, change and freedom. They are multitalented and versatile, developing ways to do nearly everything well. Adaptability is a key part of achieving freedom. They will be very good at explaining their ideas to others and selling their importance. Their quick, clever minds are capable of much analysis. They would excel at nearly any job they tried- especially those that involve other people. Advertising, publicity, entertainment and media would be great industries for this person- or all of the above, since they have a tendency to change careers as their interests shift. And their interests tend to shift a lot.

Instead of rebelling, they will teach enlightenment and progressive thinking that will be adapted and used by others. The more this person stops to learn about others, the better that message will be. It can be hard for them to let go of past ideas for the new ones. The negative aspects of the Destiny Number of 5 can include restlessness and impatience. Erratic, they can become too scattered and are unreliable at sticking to a routine. There is also a tendency not to learn from mistakes as history keeps repeating itself. Instead of taking a moment to stop and learn from the mistake, they will often shrug it off and keep moving towards their next round of doing the same thing wrong.

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