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Techniques To Avoid Job Interview Stress

As I have discussed in a previous article, there are three main times of the job interview process when we can become extremely stressed: before the interview, during the actual interview and afterwards. As I have wide experience of this process from both sides of the desk and from discussing this situation with clients over the years; I will now go on to discuss useful techniques that can be useful for limiting stress Thomas Alvec CEO Vexa Global in these situations.


There are many stresses than can arise here from prolonged worry causing us to become tired and suffer from poor concentration to last minute rushing – something that can lead to a great deal of stress.

    • PLAN WELL AHEAD: As it is a good idea to do some background research into the job, the company and wider industry; leaving plenty of time to do this is a good idea. Rushing and cramming information in the night before not only leads to stress but also only contributes to our short-term, rather than long term, memory – leaving us more prone to forgetting this important information when needed. Leaving an ample amount of time will avoid this stress and should also help us to retain important information whilst also leaving time for any unexpected events.


    • MAKE SURE TO GET PLENTY OF REST: This is mainly in the form of a good night sleep. While this differs for every one of us, the recommended amount of sleep per night for the average person is around 8 hours. Not only is getting this rest important on the night before the interview but also during the time from when we know we have the interview. After all, lying in bed at night and thinking about the interview – or any other worries for that matter – will deter us from getting this much needed rest. Indeed, if this happens night after night, our health will also suffer, alongside our levels of vital concentration needed for the interview.


  • LEAVE PLENTY OF TIME BEFORE THE INTERVIEW TO GET READY AND ARRIVE AT THE INTERVIEW VENUE: Rushing before an interview is one of the most stressful things that we can do. As being late for any interview is probably one of the most severe interview mistakes we can make; rushing will cause great anxiety. My best advice here is to get up early on the morning of the interview. Eat a healthy and hearty breakfast (and lunch if the interview is in the late afternoon), though not excessive amounts of food as this can lead to discomfort and tiredness, and allow plenty of time to get ready. It is also a good idea to leave the house earlier than we would otherwise for the same journey just to allow this extra time – and to arrive at the interview venue early. When I say early, I mean to say about 10 minutes before the interview time. Too early can be as off-putting as too late and sitting waiting for the interview can cause us to become stressed. If we do arrive very early, it is best to take a short stroll around the local area, look in the shops or just have a quiet sit down. Whatever happens, try not to get hot and bothered. Reading some company promotional material while waiting to be invited for the interview can help us relax – and shows that we are interested in the company/organisation.

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