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Parents – How To Deal With Computer Game Addiction

A 15-year-old South Korean boy committed suicide after killing his mother for scolding him over excessive computer game playing; this was reported in the news. This could happen to any family, it is easy to blame companies that produce and sell computer games, but this will not solve the problem.

As parent we need to do our part and before I suggest what we can do, it is important to understand our kids and why they need to spend long hours in front of the computer.

We must show patient in dealing with our kid’s problem and this will take a long time but with patient and showing tolerance you will achieve your goal.

Communication does not mean my kids should accept what I dictate, what is logical to me might not be to them, so talking to them is important even if you are frustrated.

Never give up; you have no option other than dealing with addiction problem wisely and patiently. Here is what I suggest for every parent.

1- Be part of your kid life, do not be his father only, and be his friend too. Talk to year kid and have a walk with him or her, listen to their concerns and find out how you can help.

2- Explain to your kid about the benefits of computer games and the negative impact that they bring to gamers. Do not prevent your kid from playing computer game, instead suggest to them games that help them with their studies or having fun without being violent.

3- Never allow you kid to play violent World of Warcraft’s Thanksgiving Event, Pilgrim’s Bounty, Has Begun! games and explain to them what the reason behind it is. Let your kid understand the implications of game addiction by allowing them to read stories that appear in the newspaper.

4- Make it a rule in the house that playing game is after school work is done.

5- Make it a rule that every playing session must not exceed 30-45 minutes.

6- Explain to your kid that they should always be in control and do not allow the game to control them, the sign to look for is when you can’t stop playing even though you have too.

7- Introduce other activities to your kid and sport is a very good option as it will help them be healthy and release their stress. Going out with your kid for a walk or cycling together is an experience you will never regret.

8- Play with him and be his partner in computer games. This my most important tip for every parent, it is true if you can’t beat them, then join them. Playing games with him chose games with him and talk about games to him. This is how you will get access to your kid and will be able to change them and preventing them from being game addicts. This strategy is very useful so use it.

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