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Issues Related to Psychological Well Being

The human mind is like wax that is full of printed thoughts, the more we live the more prints are carved on the canvas of our mind that is often reflected through our words and actions. What we speak, we do and we think leaves far reaching effects in our lives and lives of those who are related to here

By following some basic rules and tips we can live a healthy and happy life;

Positive and Constructive Thinking

Have you ever thought why children live so happily with care free nature? Reason is their horizon of thinking is limited and they mostly think positive and constructive. Adults often engage themselves in some destructive issue that badly affect their psychological health and also hinder the process of self development. Positive and constructive thinking is the first step that one must take to gain and retain psychological well being. Be Positive and always think on optimistic grounds, as a matter of fact psychological well being is more important than physical health or we can say physical health is entirely based on psychological health.

Think Big

Open up your mind and think big, no matter what situation you face tackle all your problems intelligently and always try to look for solutions rather than “problems of problems”.

Give More and Expect Less

If you wish to live a healthy life, follow the golden rule of relationship “Give More and Expect Less”. Sometimes situations come to life when one becomes totally blank, such situations occur when we expect too much from relations around us. Keep it in mind that your behavior and your actions are a controllable factor but the behavior and actions of people around you is uncontrollable external factor. All good you can do to you and others is to keep your behavior, action and attitude under control.

Don’t Be A Slave of Your Anger

Try to control your anger and don’t let your anger control you. Nasty moods and angers are like poison and kill relationships and good terms, if you want to be a successful person in your personal and professional life remain calm and peaceful and solve every situation smartly with patience.

Love to All Hate to None

Love to All and Hate to None; this policy will help you to develop a positive personality deep inside you. As a result you will emit positive vibes towards all and everyone will start loving you. This is the best way to remain peaceful and tension free throughout your life.

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