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How to make Cleaning Kit for embroidery digitizing machine easily?

Readers will get this in-detail information that how cleaning kits can be made for these embroidery digitizing machines. Now you can make a machine cleaning kit on your own. This will be a basic one cleaning kit. Items present in this cleaning kit, all of them are conveniently available at your home. So get ready to create and make your own basic cleaning kit for the embroidery digitizing machines:

Items Needed to Make a Cleaning Kit:

You will need some amount of oil. A soft paper towel and white lint free kind of cloth is needed by you for embroidery digitizing machines as well. Then you will need a place mat or you can have a newspaper. Most of all, you need a machine so that can assess that whether your cleaning kit is made correctly or not.

What Kind of Oil To Be Used in Your embroidery digitizing machines Cleaning kit?

You should use only basic and commonly used embroidery digitizing machines oil. Like you can use a rem oil or you can use this sewing machine oil to clean machines of yours. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to use this kind of oil to make your cleaning kit. Any random and commonly used oil can be selected by you.

Using a machine Cleaning Kit:

There are basic steps to use this cleaning kit and here are the details for you:

  • First you have to give your embroidery digitizing machines a good amount of wipe. Take a soft and lint free paper towel. Then wipe down your machines. This lint free paper towel will remove any small and minor dust particles of your machine. Before you apply oil on digitizing your machine, it should be completely clean as well as dry.
  • Then you can take a cleaning cloth and apply oil on it. Do not apply excessive oil. Applying extreme amount of oil will bring an evil moisture effect on your carbide. Just give a little oil coating application on your embroidery digitizing machines. You can wipe away the excess amount of oil by using a tissue paper.

Using Renaissance Wax to Give Longer Term Protection To Your Machine:

In your embroidery digitizing machines cleaning kit, another item that should be present in it is this renaissance wax. This wax will give a longer and lifetime protection to your machines. This wax is commonly used by British museum so that they can preserve their antique looking machines. You can use this wax as well to preserve and protect your rings. You only have to coat your machines by making use of a micro in form crystalline layer of renaissance wax. This wax will easily prevent rusting on your embroidery digitizing machines. To all rings collectors, they should use this wax. Though this wax is little bit expensive but it is one of the strongest and better choices for your machines protection aspect.

Give your embroidery digitizing machines the best working by giving them a regular cleanliness! Follow the guidelines we shared with you!

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