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How do wireless security cameras work?


A wireless CCTV camera works by video transmission of the camera through a radio transmitter. This video is transferred to a receiver which is connected to a storage device that is built in or into a cloud storage. You can have easy access to all the images and videos through the monitor or receiver. It has no wires, thus your house looks neat and clean. It has several added features that make this upgrade a lucrative option.

Why is a wireless security camera be more beneficial to you rather than a regular home security system?


There are five major standard functions that wifi security cameras bring to the home security system:


  1. Motion detection: wireless security cameras can be equipped with motion sensor technology. The options available are both energy efficient and more secure. Security cameras that have motion detection technology, have the ability to record instantly as soon as it senses any movement in the concerned area. There are certain added features in motion detection as well, like the pan and tilt cameras that can voluntarily point at the sight of movement and start recording instantly.
  2. Scheduled recording: generally the biggest advantage of a wireless camera is that you can literally dictate the schedule of recording. An alarm is activated on sensing activity along with transfer of videoclips. It is easy to schedule the record time and allows you to secure your house as much as possible. You can keep an eye on your surroundings or interiors of your home when you are away and the babysitter is present or just hired professionals doing their jobs. Scheduling the record time makes sure you  know what is going around your house at all times.
  3. Automatic cloud storage: cloud storage is one of the main attractions of a wireless CCTV system. All the images and videos that are recorded are automatically transferred to the cloud storage via WiFi. this allows you to access all previous files any time and anywhere.
  4. Wireless technology: CCTV cameras often have several wires hanging around from behind. They are not pleasant looking and almost all the time electrical hazards. Wireless CCTVs have no wires, thus you don’t need to worry about tangling of wires or the fear of a short circuit.
  5. Remote viewing: wireless cameras offer you access to your data anytime and anywhere. Since all the information , photos and videos are uploaded on the cloud, the user can see whatever they want whenever they wish to. You can also control, manage and monitor your appliance from anywhere in the world.


These features seem elaborate and difficult to master, but in actuality, they are pretty user friendly. You can upgrade the system as a DIY project or ask the company to send some technicians over to help with the installation. Thus upgrading to a wireless security system will be the best choice to keep your home safe.


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