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Delay Ejaculation – Why It’s Not Your Fault That You Ejaculate Too Fast

Women take 15 minutes to reach orgasm, men take 2-3 minutes to ejaculate after penetration. As you can see that’s where the trouble is, you don’t actually have a problem because it is natural for men to ejaculate this fast.

The bottom line is that if you ejaculate after a couple of minutes that is completely normal. Of course your woman won’t see it that way because she is getting no pleasure from sex. The answer to this is to learn how to delay ejaculation for long enough for her to orgasm.

Don’t be under the impression that women want a guy who can last for hours, all they want is for you to last long enough to satisfy them. They get bored after their orgasm and while they still pretend to enjoy they are actually wishing you would hurry up.

There are lots of ways that you can learn how to delay ejaculation, from delay sprays to yoga or natural exercises to delay ejaculation, delay spray pakistan here is one such delay exercise that really does work if you apply yourself.

The squeeze technique had been around forever but it works, when alone masturbate but just before ejaculation stop and squeeze your penis. Resume masturbating when you know you have beaten the ejaculation off. After a few sessions you will find that you can control when you ejaculate without applying the squeeze. This control will remain the same when having sex.

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